Public Awareness
To educate the general community about immigrant and refugee issues and present immigrants and their contributions in a positive public light.

IRNI guards the freedoms of Iowa immigrants by educating the community about their rights and responsibilities and by organizing communities to address civil rights / liberties abuses.



Civic Participation and Immigrant Integration
Empowering immigrants to be active community participants. IRNI believes that civic engagement and community-based support are essential parts of any community empowerment strategy. Civic Participation focuses on empowering community leaders to effectively participate in the civic process, and to advocate for policies that assist immigrants to better integrate into the Iowa community.

IRNI has worked hard to insure Iowa is a welcoming state, with policies and practices that do not disadvantage immigrants; newest Iowans and promote the integration and participation of immigrants.



Building the Voice of the Immigrant Community
Build a statewide voice for immigrants in Iowa, increasing the voice of the immigrant community by identifying and building grassroots groups. The leadership development is designed to educate immigrant communities and leadership skills of immigrant-led organizations all across Iowa. IRNI also focuses on uniting all of Iowa’s diverse immigrant and refugee communities around common goals.

IRNI works with immigrants and refugees to help them move through the citizenship process and support policies that streamline the naturalization process.



Build Public Support
The IRNI advocates for the value of immigrants and immigration to the nation. Builds public support for fair and supportive public policies that welcome immigrants to our country.

The IRNI advocates for public policies that reunite families, recognize the importance of immigration to our economy and our communities; encourage newcomers to become new Americans and promote equal protection under the law.



Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit195
Start or Grow Your Business

IRNI help low income entrepreneurs to start their own business, nurture new businesses in a safe environment and give them technical assistance and resources to succeed on their own­­­­­­­.


The Final Step

Today’s immigrants express and demonstrate a desire to take the final step towards becoming part of our nation by obtaining U.S. Citizenship. In pursuing citizenship, these immigrants learn English and U.S. history; show their good moral character, and demonstrate their attachment to our country.