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As part of the Immigration Reform Movement, our focus for the next several months will be comprehensive immigration reform. We will also continue to advocate for legal reform on many other immigrant-related issues on the local, state and federal level, provide support for immigrants and newcomers, and serve as a vehicle for communication on various topics affecting immigrants.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform


The Campaign for Comprehensive Immigration Reform examines the legislative principles which would result in a more fair and generous system of immigration laws, reflecting the economic needs of the United States, the experience of world migration patterns, and the threats to national security presented by terrorism. This Campaign supports a comprehensive immigration reform program for the millions of undocumented immigrants already present in the United States who desire to live and work legally in the United States, but are prohibited by the restrictive and unreasonable laws currently in place. This Campaign site will be regularly updated with relevant documents for public use from the Network and our national partners. For specific information on actions, meeting dates, and how to belong to this campaign, please contact us.


Effective and Targeted Training, Education, Empowerment, and Leadership Development in the Heartland.


The IRNI has always been a community-driven vehicle for public dialogue regarding the need for comprehensive immigration reform. Still, there are many other issues that deserve attention and on which the community wishes to share their viewpoints. By providing trainings to communities in the area of legislative advocacy, media relations, empowerment and group leadership, we are ensuring that the immigrant perspective reaches all levels of public debate.


Increased Mobilization Integration and Civic Participation in the Heartland.


The Campaign for Increased Mobilization, Integration and Civic Participation in the Heartland focuses on strengthening the political voice of newcomers and integrating their perspectives into the public dialogue. We seek to develop relationships with elected officials at all levels of government so that immigrants become their own best advocates with the power structures in our society.




Today’s immigrants express and demonstrate a desire to take the final step towards becoming part of our nation by obtaining citizenship. In pursuing citizenship, these immigrants learn English and US history, show their good moral character, and demonstrate their attachment to our country and our democratic government. IRNI works with immigrants to help them move through the citizenship process and support policies that streamline the naturalization process and promote the integration of immigrants.


Other Areas:

Start or Grow Your Business


IRNI help low income entrepreneurs to start their own business, nurture new businesses in a safe environment and give them technical assistance and resources to succeed on their own.


Positive Media Coverage of Immigrants and Their Issues


The Campaign for Positive Media Coverage of Immigrants and Their Issues is designed to be a proactive campaign that seeks to increase the public’s awareness of the Network’s contribution to the immigrant communities and to shed light on the positive aspects of being an immigrant in the United States. This campaign looks to strengthen our ties with the area’s media sources and to promote better media exposure for the immigrant communities.


Advancing a Pro-Immigrant Agenda in the Heartland


Since September 11, 2001, Immigrant issues in general have been invalidly linked to terrorist and security concerns. In December 2002, the FBI reported a 1600% increase in hate crimes in the U.S., many against immigrant communities. We seek to strengthen the values that have made the Heartland a welcoming place and extend the same hospitality to today’s newcomers. Moreover, here you can find information on the activities of anti-immigrant, restrictions, or hate groups working in our region.


Workers’ Rights


Immigrants are a vulnerable population to discrimination, abuse and exploitation in the workplace. The IRNI is committed to developing relationships between employers and employees, between organized labor and immigrant communities to ensure that the Heartland is not only a good place to live, but a safe place to work.